Why ZoneCheck?

The DNS is a critical resource for every network application, quite important to ensure that a zone or domain name is correctly configured in the DNS.

ZoneCheck is intended to help solving misconfigurations or inconsistencies usually revealed by an increase in the latency of the application, up to the output of unexpected/inconsistant results.

The ZoneCheck configuration file reflect the policy.
You can let ZoneCheck select the best test set to apply when checking a zone (for example, a specific profile for reverse delegation when under .ip6.arpa or .in-addr.arpa, or any mapping declared in ZoneCheck configuration file); but on the other hand, you can also force the use of a particular profile (for example you could create an RFC compliance checking profile).

ZoneCheck is financed and mostly developed by AFNIC.

Last news

ZoneCheck 3.0.5 Mon Apr 11 12:13:51 CEST 2011
The ZoneCheck release 3.0.5 is available as a tarball, or you can go to the download area for your operating system packages.

  • Feature: ds-rdata can be passed as CGI arguments.
  • Bug #32746: "IWBN to give raw DS as argument to --securedelegation" fixed
  • Bug #32125: "Invalid trust anchors in --securedelegation are silently ignored" fixed
  • Bug #32123: "When several --securedelegation are given, only the last one is used" fixed
  • Bug: glues at the apex were not ignored by the test delegation_udp512_additional and for the cachability test. Fixes a bug introduced on 2010-06-01T15:36 during the migration do Dnsruby.
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